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In the dynamic realm of social media, Instagram emerges as a game-changer for personal and business expansion. As Instagram marketing strategists, we present thisĀ exhaustive guide to not just amassing followers but dominating the digital space. I hope this article will change your career and future success on the platform

Reels: The Power of Short-Form Content

In 2023 Reels were the best way to grow. Think about this: they are trying to compete with TikTok and Shorts right? If you can create content that keeps people on their app longer, of course they will push your videos! It’s really that simple. The main issue people run into is just not being able to make good enough content. Lucky for you we solved this issue by making content creation and Instagram management campaigns.

Posting good, high-quality videos consistently is the bedrock of maintaining good organic Instagram growth.

organic instagram growth
Results from our client posting daily reels!

Deciphering Instagram’s Algorithm

The first step to conquering the follower game involves unraveling Instagram’s algorithm. The platform prioritizes content based on relevance, engagement, and timeliness. Crafting content that resonates with your audience’s preferences becomes the launchpad for visibility and growth. In other words, you need to do some playing around with your Instagram account and see what the algorithm likes the best. Always work WITH the algorithm. This is exactly why our Instagram growth memberships are focused heavily on content creation.

The Visual Game

Recognizing that Instagram is a visual-based platform means you need to do a better job at making content that sticks out. Elevate your feed with high-quality images, and attention-grabbing videos. Attention is currency these days. Do not undervalue how much of a difference entertaining content will make. Consider investing in professional visual content creation tools to set your profile apart.

The Power of Words: Captivating Captions

Beyond visuals, captions play a pivotal role in engaging your audience. Inject personality into your captions, employ emojis strategically, and foster interaction through thought-provoking questions. A well-crafted caption not only boosts engagement but also enhances post visibility. At the very least, having a good caption that people will stop and read increases watch time, which is one of the biggest factors when it comes to growing on Instagram.

Navigating the Hashtag Maze

Navigating the world of hashtags requires a strategic mindset. Research and curate niche-specific hashtags in your domain. The “popular” hashtags like #instagood or #f4f are dead and will probably never work again. I don’t care what other people say, they’re wrong. Using only niche-related hashtags is the way to go. Instagram uses these hashtags to put your video in front of the right people. Who the heck are they going to show your video to if you give them the hashtag #instagood?

Branding with Hashtags

Take hashtag strategy a step further by introducing custom-branded hashtags. These not only foster a sense of community but also encourage user-generated content, amplifying your brand’s online presence. It may not make a big difference at first, but if you use your brand hashtag in your posts enough, over time you’ll have created your own ecosystem. We would use #freshmusicmarketing for example.

Stories: Real-Time Engagement

Instagram Stories provide a snapshot of immediate engagement. Utilize this feature to showcase behind-the-scenes moments, exclusive content, and limited-time promotions. Incorporate interactive elements like polls and questions to boost audience participation. If anything, stories are another way to drive traffic to your page. Honestly, stories are not used enough yet. It could be an untapped growth method if you post multiple stories a day.

Collaborating for Expanded Reach

Teaming up with influencers opens doors to unimaginable growth. Identify influencers resonating with your target demographic and collaborate on content, giveaways, or takeovers to tap into their follower base. If you do need help with this, consider signing up for own of our larger Instagram management plans. This allows you to use our network of influencers so you can guarantee to collaborate with large influencers.


Navigating the complexities of Instagram growth demands a tactical blend of visually appealing content, strategic hashtag usage, engaging Stories and Reels, a consistent posting schedule, and influencer collaborations. By implementing these strategies, not only will you amass followers, but you’ll also establish a commanding presence in the competitive landscape of Instagram. Elevate your Instagram game, outshine the competition, and witness unprecedented growth in your follower count.

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