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Avg 500,000+ Streams/Year

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These Are Answers To Common Queries About Our Blueprints, Ensuring Transparency And Informed Decision-Making.

A: Our plans offer content creation, influencer collabs, and proven methods that have already helped us get over 105M+ streams this year for our clients. Real people. Not @user27q328752.

Our main focus is getting you real listeners. That means real human beings. We run killer ads and can even show you the ads we're running for you. We've gotten very good at this because we've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on it. Safe to say we've had enough experience to find out what works and what doesn't.

A: To create success we need consistency. Everyone who is consistent for a year sees the results they are looking for. This being said you have the freedom to cancel whenever you please.

A: No hidden fees. What you see is what you get.



A: One thing we will never do is give you bots. This means we need time to find what works best for you and results vary based off of content. By the end of the year we make sure all of our clients are close to the AVG amount. Example: If you get the Mainstream plan, we will make sure you are around that 400k range by the end of one year.